Friday, January 29, 2010

Missing my family

My youngest sister Jessie

My middle sister Faith

I just have to say that lately I have really felt that void of my family not being near. I usually talk to everyone via land line but we turned it off for a few months and will turn it back on first week of February. I haven't lived near my family for many, many years. I have two sisters and two cousins who were in the same household as kids so I call them my brothers.
I am the oldest of us three girls. My baby sister has one child and she lives close to my mom. The middle sister has four kids and lives about an hour and a half from mom but near our aunts. I am down here and all my family is in either Iowa or Nebraska. I got a letter from the middle sister Faith the other day. I love her and I know she loves me, but when I left home as a teenager, it created a huge distance between us. It was nice to have her say that she misses me and that she wishes we lived closer together so our kids could get to know each other.
I am hoping once the girls are a bit older that we can take a vacation to go visit all my family and to show my hubby where my life started.
My oldest daughter Kasey asks about my family all the time. She says that she loves Tavio and Jaylen (two of her cousins that she has met) and misses them.
There have been some major life events in each of our lives that we have had to experience alone due to the distance between us and our financial situations. I just want my family to know that I love them and miss them and think of each of them every day.

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