Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A gift from the heart

We recently underwent a big change to the girls' daily routines in our home. My husband just changed from administrative shift to midnight shift. On his first night of change I knew he would need lots of rest. So, I took the youngest, Kori, to her granny's to spend time with her and me and the oldest, Kasey, went out on "date night". She loves art, coloring, and drawing, so I decided to take her to Picasso's in Lakeland. She said she wanted to make something for her granny for Valentine's day. With all that she wanted to put on it, I knew she would need a pretty big canvas (she just turned five). I chose the large plate and gave her free reign in design and color selection. I must say that for her age and not being used to using brushes to make her art (she mostly prefers crayons and colored pencils), she did very well. Plus, we had a great time together. She was very excited to see the finished product and didn't want to wait until Valentine's to give it to her granny, so she presented it to her tonight. We will definitely be a return customer and do another project soon.

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  1. That is adorable! I hope we get to go for a MNO some day.