Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Valentine's gift to us

This year, my hubby and I decided to set aside some money for new living room furniture. We knew essentially what we wanted...something brown, leather or "leather-like", somewhat kid proof. He and I are not what you would call shoppers. I do not go out very often to just "shop". My favorite time of year to shop is Christmas, and then it's for other people.
We visited alot of furniture stores. Some places we found something we liked but it was out of our price range...other places, we couldn't find one piece that either of us remotely liked. Believe it or not, shopping is very time consuming and tiresome. But, we did not give up the fight. We continued looking.
My biggest surprise was that the furniture we found that we liked and was in our price range--was at Badcock Home Furniture! It is called the Golden Hops Collection. We bought the three piece set: couch, loveseat, and chair. One other great thing was that we purchased during a great promotion, spend $1,000 and get $200 worth of free favorite piece is the hugging couple. My husband's favorit piece is the cross.

Needless to say, we felt like we got a good deal and we both are enjoying our new living room.

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