Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My first Miche bag

I went today and picked out my very first Miche bag. I won it online at Woman to Woman magazine. It was donated by my local Miche bag representative Sherry Hammond. I was very excited to win because I have known about the Miche bag for several years. The concept is so simple yet so ingenious. You have a basic "shell" of a bag, and the outside design is interchangeable so you don't have to remove all your stuff from the bag each time you want to use a different color or design to accentuate your mood or wardrobe. You just remove the outer design (it is magnetic) and attach another...and presto--new bag! (minus the hassle of moving everything from one bag to another).
I have to say that Sherry Hammond was a pleasure to meet and deal with. She was very informative and just as patient as she could be seeing as I couldn't make up my mind to choose just one LOL.
I have a party in the works, so if you want to get your own Miche bag just let me know if you can attend or if not, just get with me and I will hook you up with Sherry!

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