Sunday, June 13, 2010

Backyard fun

We recently came across a great deal for a playground for our backyard. It originally was from a city park. It is 33' by 33'. I helped my hubby to put alot of it together, but towards the end we really needed more man power to complete the assembly. We had a pizza day and some family came over to help us out. It is all pretty much done except for some braces under the slides, and the smallest slide needs new bolts since we broke them off in the threads when we took it apart when we bought it. The girls have definitely been enjoying their new play area, especially the shade underneath it. My husband plans to square out an area underneath as a sandbox and also a small deck for their two little chairs. I can't wait to plan a playdate to get all the girls' little friends over to have some fun!
Thanks to uncle Kenny, Shawn, and Perry for helping us out!

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